A Recipe for Living WITHOUT Type 1 Diabetes

Live Without Type 1 is a wonderful organization that offers valuable information on natural solutions for those with Type 1 diabetes. And with one in three Americans having diabetes or the precursor to it (according to the American Diabetes Association), this kind of healthy solution is a true revolution just begging to hit the spotlight.

At just three years old, little Kylie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As diabetes is an “incurable” disease, her family was absolutely devastated. Yet rather than accepting the lifelong fate of insulin shots and drugs, her mother Kim was determined to find a better road for Kylie’s treatment.  Amidst a crisis situation, Kim discovered that following a natural diet specifically designed to stabilize insulin levels — including low glycemic, grain-free, and cow milk-free foods — served as a profoundly effective method in combating the disease.  Kylie’s blood sugar levels have been treated solely through a natural diet plan. The results have been so great, the family now celebrates “We LIVE WITHOUT TYPE 1.”

Today, Kylie enjoys a healthy, normal lifestyle without having to rely upon insulin shots or drugs – an achievement that most diabetics can only dream about!  Having founded Living Without Type 1 in 2008, Kim now helps others effectively fight diabetes naturally.

Both Kim and Kylie stopped by on their recent trip to Los Angeles to make an easy healthy recipe that would be good for Kylie.  Watch us make it HERE!

For more information about natural diabetes care, please visit LiveWithoutType1’s blog.

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