Live Without Type 1 Diabetes – Agave Lemonade

Agave Lemonade – Live Without Type 1 from Julie Morris on Vimeo.

4 responses to “Live Without Type 1 Diabetes – Agave Lemonade”

  1. A Recipe to Live WITHOUT Type 1 Diabetes:

    [...] Both Kim and Kylie stopped by on their recent trip to Los Angeles so we could make an easy healthy recipe together with Kylie.  Watch us make it HERE! [...]

  2. Agave Lemonade:

    [...] Agave Lemonade [...]

  3. Jazz

    Ooo, Kylie! She’s so cute. I love how excited she was to just help out! I see her becoming a chef in the near future! haha.

    I LOVE this website. My friend Jeri, from Gods dreams for me blog told me about it and Im so glad i stumled upon you cuz this will EaSily become one of my favorite health sites.

    Yay! :)

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