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Free-Ebook_CoverSweet news! I’ve got a gorgeous NEW superfoods recipe e-book out, and guess what? I’m giving it away for FREE.
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My mission is to share the delicious enjoyment of nutritious natural food and an eco-friendly lifestyle with everyone I can, so yup – the book’s totally free (it’s a great introduction to this fantastic lifestyle!). Head over to the right side of my blog page to the sign up box and get access to your instant download of:

A Day of Superfoods: 5 easy natural recipes for feeling fabulous, morning to night.

When you sign up, you’ll learn how to make a whole day’s worth of amazingly delicious and energy-packed food, including:

• breakfast: strawberry banana hempseed parfait
• lunch: mediterranean collard wraps
• dinner part I: simple spring salad with creamy house dressing
• dinner part II: fiesta pizza
• dessert: dark chocolate orange truffles

YUM, right? And these aren’t just any regular recipes, by the way. From an in-the-know superfood ingredient list, to mouth-watering photos, to easy to follow instructions, these recipes are designed to make a healthy energy-filled lifestyle delicious, fun, and accessible. I’ve written each recipe so that everyone – not just professional chefs or health gurus – can make flavorful natural food, and appreciate the benefits of healthy food immediately.

When you sign up, you’ll also become part of my special email group – which is awesome because you’ll get my friendly natural foodie newsletter that includes recipes, tips and news on how to eat excellently for both ourselves and the world around us. (And in no way do I share your email with anyone – I loathe when people do that!)

I seriously can’t wait for you to try the recipes, and would love to hear what you think too. If you like the message, then be a good buddy and pass this offer onto your friends, family, or anyone you think can benefit from a natural energy-filled lifestyle, so they can get a copy of the book for themselves.
Sign on up!

19 responses to “Free Superfood E-Book Giveaway”

  1. david evans

    I would like a copy. Hey, nice website :) miss you XOXOXOXO

  2. Dylan Busse

    Would love a copy! Best, Dy

  3. Free Superfood recipe E-book! « The Body Blog

    [...] May 12, 2010 My colleague Julie Morris just put our a new recipe book.  Check it out at her Blog (Click Here).  She has many amazing recipes that are organic, vegan and delicious. Tags: Julie Morris, [...]

  4. Michelle Novak

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see the recipes and eat them too!

  5. penni

    I will mention this on tomorrow’s episode of Foodie Friday…..everyone will remember you, so it is perfect timing!

  6. Debbie

    Nice website – I’ll let others know! I’m looking forward to trying out your delicious recipes!!! Thank you! =)

  7. veganforlife

    OOoooh! ME ME ME ME!!

    ::raising hand::

    I would LOVE one!!!! OOOoooh oooh oooh!!!!!

  8. Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

    Just got mine. It IS beautiful!

  9. Jean

    Thank you for the recipes. Now I have to check out the whole site!

  10. adina berger

    Looks good! How do I get a copy?

  11. Nicole (Making Magic In The Kitchen)

    I would love to receive a copy. I have been looking for ways to try healthy and flavorful cooking. So pick me PLEASSSSSSSEE :)

  12. milisa

    yummy, thanks!

  13. Jay

    Hey! Superfood Julie

    Thanks again for the E-book! I spent some time this week looking at your blogs and vids…cool! I frequently get asked ‘Is it not difficult to be vegan?” To which I respond ‘take cooking out of the equation and I’m finding it simpler’. I’ve given this site to a couple people now so they can see some of your treats!

    Take Care!

  14. Nicolette

    Hooray! Congrats Julie!

    Love, Love, Love ya’!

  15. Pam

    Looks yummy!…thank you so much!

  16. Roofer Guy

    Thankyou for the recipes! Strawberries and hemp seeds? Collard greens and hummus? Wow– -can’t wait to check it out!

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