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Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural food chef, and author of two books: SUPERFOOD KITCHEN, and SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES.

An active advocate for whole, plant-based foods and superfoods for optimal health, Julie has worked within the natural food industry for close to a decade as recipe developer, writer, speaker, and cooking show host, and is currently the executive chef at Navitas Naturals.

Julie’s mission is simple: to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.




Frequently Asked Questions

You’re always talking about superfoods. What IS a superfood anyway?

I define superfoods as the most nutrient-dense, benefit-rich foods found in nature … foods that have the most amount of micronutrients per calorie. I’m not interested in semantics, and see “superfoods” as a general philosophy of eating: an ongoing adventure to acquire the very best foods available (and transform them into delicious cuisine).

What are the calorie contents and nutrition values of the recipes you post?

When I bring foods into my kitchen, I don’t track calories, I collect nutrients. I also aim to make recipes that are loosely “balanced” in macro nutrients as well (fats, protein, and carbohydrates). If you’re keeping track, I recommend using one of the free online counters like FitDay.com to find out the quantity of nutrients in the recipes, and then divide your results by the number of servings.

Are you a nutritionist or dietitian?

No. Nor a doctor. I am simply a chef who loves working with the best foods I can get my hands on, and I find it rewarding to share the results of my research. I appreciate the work that goes on in these fields, but for the average person I also believe one should not have to get a degree in health to understand how to eat well.

Can I repost your recipes and photos on my blog?

If you are a blog owner, you are welcome to repost any posted recipes as long as you clearly link back to the webpage from which you took the recipe and credit it to this site. Thank you! Photos may not be used without permission. Please note: recipes and photos may under no circumstances be used on websites to advertise a product unless prior authorization from this site is given – all work on this site is copyrighted. Email info [at] juliemorris [dot] net for inquiries.

Where can I find your books?

Barnes & Noble, Williams Sonoma, Whole Foods, Amazon, as well as other bookstores nationwide.

Favorite food?

Cacao. Always and forever…

33 responses to “About Julie”

  1. Philip McCluskey

    Just saw your Asian salad on Gliving. I wanted to give you a compliment on a great show… and my god you are beautiful! : )

  2. Robert Cheeke

    I too consider napping to be a productive activity. In fact I napped yesterday for 3 hours and it was great!

    I look forward to exploring your website.

    Have fun!


  3. Jessi Pearson

    Awesome website Julie! I love it!

  4. revital Beckerman

    sooo excited to look around some more- looks great!!! your unbelievably inspiring!

  5. evelybee

    Julie — you are a fantastic woman. Can’t wait to try your recipes, and perhaps meet you some day.

  6. Lathrop

    I am so proud of you. I think this is great. When I move into my new place (hopefully in a week) I look forward to cooking along with you!

  7. Lathrop

    By the way… do you know any good recipes for quinoa? I love it, but have no clue on making it?

  8. Sarah

    Yeah Julie! I love your site. Also you are totally fabulous:)

  9. Lathrop

    I love love love your house. It is charming! Your garden is beautiful. Everything looks very Julie.

  10. Melinda

    I love this Julie! SO cool! Don’t have sound here at the shop but as soon as i get home tonight I’m going to check out some of your videos! Congrats!!!!Now I can get a Julie fix whenever I want ;-) Luv you!

  11. Thad Smith

    And to think I knew you when… Looks great…and the food too. Cooper and Ollie say woof (hi)!

  12. christina

    You have great recipes on your website! I LOVE that most of them are easy to make and involve simple ingredients. Your videos are fantastic as well…hope to see more soon! Thank you for your simplicity!

  13. samir

    you are so great .. so beautiful .. intelligent ,, sure so lucky who eat your food i wish if i can test it oneday .. haha

  14. Kristen's Raw

    Ahhhh…. I love naps. They’re delicious.

  15. Brooks Conrad

    Fantastic Site! Congrats to you!

  16. Mara


    I have better luck with your recipes than I do all the recipes in all the books I have combined. Thank you so much for fresh, easy and guilt-free receipes. I have certain favorites that I make every week and they’ve become staples in our healthy lives.


  17. DC Duck

    good to hear you got George to try some veggies

  18. Jackie J.

    Just loved your blog about Turnips. It was hysterical, and made me want to run out and buy a bunch…just so they wouldn’t be lonely. (Oh yeah, and make the soup, too!)

  19. Revital

    I have made visiting this website a daily occurrence as I await your new recipes, inspiring words and intelligent thoughts. You are amazing and I love all that you share…so keep it coming!

  20. Jackie Liebmann

    Julie you are amazing…I love all the great recipes you share, and you website is awesome! Congratulations on all you have accomplished!

  21. Lathrop

    Hi! I am having a brunch. I want to serve crepes with fruit filling, but I am having a hard time finding a good recipe for the filling. If dark chocolate could somehow be incorporated that would be awesome. Do you have any ideas?

  22. Lathrop

    …would the acai berry jam work?

  23. Marni Wasserman

    I would love to meet one day and connect! Maybe the next time I am in L.A :)

  24. alice

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Olivia Newton John? Love your recipes, thank you for the videos as well :)

  25. lori edwards

    Great recipes!

  26. Clara

    Love you Jules! Just downloaded your “A Day of Superfoods” e-book and, oh em gee, those recipes look so good! I love love love the design, pictures and layout of it, and I show your website to everybody! XoX

  27. Jennifer Nelson

    Heya! We came across your receipe for 5 Minute No Bake Brownies today and just whipped up a batch!! They are AMAZING!! We look forward to trying out your other receipes, and especially as an ‘unschooing’ family – these are the types of ‘lessons’ that I love to bring into our home! Thanks so much! xx

  28. Stuart Smith

    Congrats Julie!!!

    Its really great what your doing I look forward to buying your book and checking out some of your recipes!


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  30. Andreas

    Hello Julie.
    sent you an e-mail at your “info@…” address
    Please contact me about Barlean’s

  31. Michelle

    you look so pretty with so much glow! I guess it must be your lifestyle that is your sercret. can I ask how old you are? :-)

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