Flash Superfood Giveaway!

As a dedicated gift giver, I get a little SERIOUS about the holiday present exchange. Maybe you can relate? I’m looking for perfect. I’m looking for unique. I’m looking for oh-so “wherever did you find this?” Luckily, I think I’ve got just the thing for you… and I’m offering you 24 hours to enter to win it!

Prize: One superfood goodie bag full of amazing superfood bounty! Inside this incredible package is essentially a free ticket to vitality: A bag of delicious and anti-aging Navitas Naturals Mulberries; antioxidant and energy-giving Cacao Powder; immunity-boosting, vitamin C powerhouse Camu Berry Powder; and a shiny new copy of my hardbound, photo-rich cookbook Superfood Cuisine — that contains over 100 superfood recipes! Whoever wins this is going to be SET UP superfood-style. This is so much fun!

To enter: You can earn up to 4 entries by leaving a separate comment for each task you’ve done below:

1) Follow me on twitter @greenjules (Already follow? You can leave a comment telling me so and still earn an entry.)

2) Tweet: Just entered @greenjules Flash Superfood Giveaway –

3) Tag the “Superfood Cuisine with Julie Morris” Facebook Page in a status update motivating your friends and family to celebrate a healthy new year. (Ex: “Looking forward to making one recipe a week from Superfood Cuisine with Julie Morris starting January 1 … who wants to come over to share?”)

4) Tell me in a comment below, how are you giving the gift of health this holiday to others? Are you bringing a healthy dessert to work? Stuffing a stocking with a bag of sweet cacao nibs? Giving someone a beautiful copy of Superfood Cuisine for recipe inspiration? (You can purchase signed copies here on this site until 12/18 at midnight, or buy on Amazon.) Tell me what you’ve done to “share the health” this holiday.

Contest closes Sunday, December 18 at 9:00 AM PST sharp. Winning comment will be drawn at random the same day. Open to North American residents only. Good luck!


Feasting with Thrive Foods (and a Giveaway!)

Not a day went by last summer that I wasn’t at a farmer’s market. Or grocery store. Or both. No exaggeration. Every sunny day was an effulgent food-oriented adventure, filled with heaps of fresh seasonal vegetables, mounds of fragrant ripe fruits, bulk scoops of legumes and grains, and all the varieties of nuts and seeds I could get my hands on. Add to that some specialty superfoods, last-minute spices and accoutrements, (perhaps a little chocolate [but I really have no idea how that slipped into the basket]), and it was an arm workout just lugging around the bountiful shopping bags. My refrigerator was bursting at the seams, all kitchen cabinets appeared stocked for the next 20 years, the compost grew from a polite pile to Mount Everest, and by the time it was dark each day, I had inevitably used every bowl, dish, pot and pan I own at least twice. But these are just the labors of love when you have 90+ new recipes to create for Brendan Brazier’s newest book, Thrive Foods.

For many years now, best-selling author, professional triathlete, and health activist Brendan Brazier has been on a convincing crusade promoting a plant-based diet and its relationship to both long-term health and performance. Perhaps you’re already familiar with his award-winning line of health products called Vega, or his two previous books, Thrive and Thrive Fitness. His philosophies about upholding a nutrient-dense plant-based diet for optimum health are 100% synonymous with the cornerstone concepts behind the energy-giving superfood recipes I create, such as the ones in Superfood Cuisine. So, needless to say, when Brendan asked me to develop a chunk of recipes for his new third book, Thrive Foods, I couldn’t wait to get my hands, uh, covered in food.

I was especially excited to work on this project for two reasons. First, Thrive Foods is so much more than “just” a cookbook. Rather, it’s an innovative and compelling examination of the environmental resources used to produce food, explained through Brendan’s “nutrient to resource ratio.” I have to say, as a food lover with an environmental conscience myself, I found it fascinating to look at the environmental cost of the food choices that we make in such a well-researched manner. And, selfishly, it made me feel even better about my plant-based natural foods and superfood choices (hint: there’s more to environmental eating than JUST eating local food).

Second, half of the book’s 200 recipes are contributed from some of the top chefs in North America, including some of my personal favorites like Matthew Kenney, Tal Ronnen, Angel Ramos (Candle 79), and SO many more. You know that question people sometimes ask “if you could have a dinner party and invite 10 people, who would they be?” Well, I’d invite the chefs from this cookbook. And then I’d officially change the dinner party to a potluck.

As for my own recipes in Thrive Foods, I have to say they turned out beautifully – it was such a fun project to work on. You’ll likely recognize a few items directly from my blog here, like the Asian Carrot Avocado Salad or Parsnip Oven Fries amongst a few others, and the remainder of the 90+ recipes are all brand new! In the next post I’ll share one of my recipes from Thrive Foods with you that’s perfect for autumn and also happens to be one of Brendan’s favorites. In the meantime, I have another exciting announcement: I’m giving away a copy of Thrive Foods, signed by Brendan Brazier!

To enter the Thrive Foods giveaway,* simply do one of the following activities and then COMMENT on this page what you’ve done.  You can earn more entries (up to a total of 5 entries), by doing more activities and reporting each one in a SEPARATE comment.  (Each comment counts as a separate entry.)  So the more activities you do and comment on, the greater your chance to win.

1) Like Superfood Cuisine by Julie Morris on Facebook
2) Send a tweet: Environmentalism meets 200 great recipes in new book, Thrive Foods. Win  a signed copy via @greenjules here:
3) Follow @brendanbrazier on twitter
4) Like Brendan Brazier on Facebook
5) Leave a comment below about one thing you do, big or small, that is an eco-friendly part of your lifestyle! Food-oriented or not…

Already like/follow some of the above? (Thanks!) You can still earn entries for these with a comment. The giveaway closes September 30th! Good luck!

*Giveaway open to North American residents only.

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