The Banana Smoothie Substitute You Need To Try

Of all the smoothie ingredients in the world, none is more pervasive than the banana. Sweet, creamy, flavorful, but not too flavorful, the banana is something of a ubiquitous enigma for blended drinks (fruity, green, nutty… even chocolate smoothies do well with a banana ...


Superberry Crispy Rice Treats

Growing up in Los Angeles, there’s many wonderful things, locally-speaking, I’ve had the fortune to have had access to in my life … but it’s safe to say that experiencing the varied beauty of seasons is not one of them. Sunny and warm, ...


My Daily Diet

As a superfood chef, I’m often asked what my daily food intake looks like. It makes sense there’d be a curiosity: as someone who lives and breathes superfoods professionally-speaking, one might assume I consume nothing but superfoods 24/7. While I love superfoods ...


Superfood Smoothies now a New York Times Bestseller

From rejection letters to the most recognized list! We did it!!!

A little over 5 years ago I self-published my first book. I initially couldn’t get a publisher on board with the idea of promoting superfood-centric recipes and information, so I decided to ...


Carrot-Goji Soup

Goji berries never fail to astound me in their versatility. So often stuck into the singular category of little more than “superhero” versions of raisins, I think they belong in the savory food category just as much as they do the sweet. ...


Chipotle Chili with Avocado Sour Cream

You’d never guess this savory chili contains healthy wakame in it since it almost melts away while cooking, leaving only its minerals and detoxifying benefits behind.

Like most good chilis, this recipe loves a nice, slow cook to allow the ...