“Life Is Good” Salad

Just like the garden I’ve been in for the last week, it’s been quiet up here on the blog front. I had thought that upon visiting my dad in Eastern Washington last week, I’d be able to take advantage of the beautiful ...


Feeding The Salad Habit

It’s no secret that a rockin’ food pyramid includes some serious salad action. And when I say salad, I mean the big, bulky, butt-kickin’ kind . . . the kind just overflowing with flavorful fresh goodness. When I make a salad,  I’m ...


Summertime Snacking

If a bag of unhealthy deep-fried corn chips are eaten in the forest, do they make a sound? (Yes. Sorry.)

To me, summer means camping – a great excuse to get out under the trees, run around barefoot, wear the ...


Indigo Granita

In this episode, antioxidant powerhouses blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a colorful, healthy, and refreshing frozen berry dessert.

Get printable recipe HERE.

The antioxidant powerhouses of blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a ...


Just A Spoonful of Advertising

No doubt, there’s been plenty of backlash against High Fructose Corn Syrup. And the Corn Refiners industry has been feeling it where it hurts: its pockets.

The guys and gals over at the Corn Refiners Association need to turn this idea of ...


Instructions On How To Live A Better Life

Well – made it through another day. Just keep on truckin’.  Another day above ground. TGIF, yeah?

No. Not yeah. I really don’t understand the “counting the clock” mentality – I mean, this isn’t prison we’re living in, this is LIFE.* ...


Savory Portobello Burger

In caveman days, I think I actually would have done pretty well.  While my un-evolved cohorts were off worrying about getting stampeded by woolly mammoths in their quest for a meaty entree, I would have stayed at home feasting on berries and ...


The Acai-tini

Luckily, my days of high-sugar fluorescent-colored drinks are long over — not a good time, let me tell you. No wait, scratch that; a GREAT time . . . but unfortunately the next day didn’t seem to always agree with that sentiment.



Cheesy Broccoli Bowl

Broccoli with cheese sauce gets a fresh, flavorful and nutritious update when Julie turns this classic dish into a dairy-free, cholesterol-free and gluten-free dinnertime hit.

Cheesy Broccoli Bowl 

I grew up on broccoli with cheese – my mother made it once ...