How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

I just got back from a magnificent trip to France & Spain, and I’ll be sharing some of those mouthwatering food-oriented details in an upcoming post soon, I promise! But one thing you won’t find me sharing is any hint of getting sick ...


Amaranth & Purple Yam Croquettes

“Tapas have always been one of my favorite things to make.”

-99% of chefs everywhere

Just why are tapas so awesome? As if I need to tell you — because they’re little bites of flavor-packed awesome! Tapas are a great excuse to use up ...


Here’s The Smoothie Bowl You’ll Be Eating All Summer

Without a doubt, smoothie bowls are one of the best things to come out of the healthy movement recently. They’re fun, easy, versatile, and you don’t have to be a master chef to ignite your own creativity with them. They’re also really, ...


Rose Tea Cookies

Like a great bottle of wine, rose water is one of those completely superfluous ingredients that is also totally and completely necessary. (I exaggerate … but not by much.) It has the power to “make” a recipe compilation – subtly enhancing foods in a way ...


The Miracle of Chia Pudding

That chia – it’s weird stuff. I mean, as seriously one of the best superfoods on the planet, you wouldn’t expect it to look so small and innocuous. Appearance judgments aside, not only are its benefits far greater than what your first ...


The best superfoods you should be eating this season

Each month, we have the exciting edible opportunity to take advantage of nature’s freshest and most special produce: the foods that are truly seasonal. But there’s more to eating seasonally than just buying what’s on sale at the grocery store. This activity ...


How To Refresh Your Kitchen This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to do more than just a pantry clean, but also to take a bit of a personal assessment of how you’re feeling. What have you been doing that’s working for you? What would you like to improve ...


Say Good Morning With A Heavenly Maca Latte

The first time I ever tried maca, I was overwhelmed by its flavor. And not in a good way. It was about fourteen years ago when opened up the new bag of powder I had ordered, and a maca dust cloud puffed into ...


Meet + eat: the most gorgeous pizza for spring

Pizza is like a smile – everyone recognizes it as a good thing.  But long gone are the times of pepperoni and margarita being the only options – these days when it comes to pizza, pretty much anything goes.

In my option, pizza is just ...