Acai Salsa Is Unexpectedly Delicious

So perhaps you’ve been diligently putting the antioxidant-rich, beauty-boosting acai berry in your blender each morning (awesome!). Or, maybe you’ve been whipping up some acai powder with frozen bananas for a homemade acai bowl (delish!). But did you know the uses of acai ...


Beauty Secrets of Superfoods

The new best friends of beauty don’t come from a tube (or a pill, or an infomercial, or the, er, “special doctor”). The beauty boost you’ve been looking for comes straight from the kitchen! A radiant exterior starts with a well-nourished body, ...


Indigo Granita

In this episode, antioxidant powerhouses blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a colorful, healthy, and refreshing frozen berry dessert.

Get printable recipe HERE.

The antioxidant powerhouses of blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a ...


The Acai-tini

Luckily, my days of high-sugar fluorescent-colored drinks are long over — not a good time, let me tell you. No wait, scratch that; a GREAT time . . . but unfortunately the next day didn’t seem to always agree with that sentiment.