“Life Is Good” Salad

Just like the garden I’ve been in for the last week, it’s been quiet up here on the blog front. I had thought that upon visiting my dad in Eastern Washington last week, I’d be able to take advantage of ...


Instructions On How To Live A Better Life

Well – made it through another day. Just keep on truckin’.  Another day above ground. TGIF, yeah?

No. Not yeah. I really don’t understand the “counting the clock” mentality – I mean, this isn’t prison we’re living in, this is LIFE.* ...

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes


Mini Chocolate Cupcakes


These incredible, no-bake, invigorating treats boast huge chocolate flavor: including a raw cake made from fruits, nuts and cacao (raw chocolate), and complimented by the most divine fudgey frosting . . . ever?



Freshly Minted

I recently replanted my annual herb pot with an ambitious variety of green edibles. The future was bright: fresh, pungent, natural flavorings happily flourishing outside my back door, romantically waiting for their next role in an illustrious whim of kitchen-oriented inspiration.

At ...