Lessons from The Grand Chia Master

My friend Lizzie does Ironmans. You know, that little thing where you swim 2.4 miles, race 112 miles on a bike, and then run a full marathon (26.2 miles). In a day. Right.

She’s also a mom of two, and from the ...

The great egg substitute

From time to time, I get this NEED to bake. It’s like a primal urge – and there’s really no stopping me. Deep down, there’s just something so satisfying about mushing things around in a bowl, putting them in an oven, ...


Veggie BBQ like you mean it

Barbecues are always a hot thing to do, but with the increasing amounts of celebration surrounding a vegetarian diet, the grill game’s a-changin’. Whether you’re a proud member of the plant-based parade or just have some veg-inclined people on the guest list, ...


Questions of breakfast

Straight out of bed each morning, my stomach is talking to me, letting me know that it’s a priority. Indeed, I know what it wants, and we have an understanding. I’ll don my slippers and scuffle over to the kitchen. Most days ...


The little seed with a lot to offer: Chia

Summer may be technically winding down, but in Los Angeles the heat wave’s still going strong. Needless to say, I’ve turned into a complete and utter juice monster. The hotter it gets, the more fresh-pressed juice I consume in attempt to keep ...


Summertime Snacking

If a bag of unhealthy deep-fried corn chips are eaten in the forest, do they make a sound? (Yes. Sorry.)

To me, summer means camping – a great excuse to get out under the trees, run around barefoot, wear the ...