Hummus & Greens

There’s many places in life to hold back – fresh herbs are not one of them. Herbs straight from the garden (or even just the produce section at the market … shhh I won’t tell if you won’t) spruce up just about anything there’re put ...


Wild Rice with Kabocha Squash & Sage Butter

I promised I had a special recipe to share on the way, and at last, the hungry wait is over!

Well, almost over … first, I can’t help but briefly gush about what a true pleasure it’s been reading all the comments ...


Perfect Kale Crisps

It’s a really good thing I have the opportunity to work with food for a living, or I’d undoubtedly be destined to spend my days fully distracted. I think I must have been born musing about what I was going to eat ...


Veggie BBQ like you mean it

Barbecues are always a hot thing to do, but with the increasing amounts of celebration surrounding a vegetarian diet, the grill game’s a-changin’. Whether you’re a proud member of the plant-based parade or just have some veg-inclined people on the guest list, ...


Organic Cleansing

The potent symbolism of a new year escapes very few of us. Resolutions get made. Goals are set. I’m sure the words “get healthy” are said more on January 1st over any other day of the year.

Around this time, a lot ...


Spaghetti Squash Marinara

There’s an excitement about fall. The long shadows, the crisp air, the justified scarf-wearing, but most importantly, the squash.

My dear winter squash, it’s so good to have you back. Summer squash was really just a fling – it has nothing on ...


“Life Is Good” Salad

Just like the garden I’ve been in for the last week, it’s been quiet up here on the blog front. I had thought that upon visiting my dad in Eastern Washington last week, I’d be able to take advantage of the beautiful ...


Fresh Fettucini Puttanesca

Oh, my poor parents. I say this for many reasons, but in this case it is with respect to my impassioned culinary endeavors I pursued as a kid.

Growing up, each weekend the process was the same: first I would scour my ...


Freshly Minted

I recently replanted my annual herb pot with an ambitious variety of green edibles. The future was bright: fresh, pungent, natural flavorings happily flourishing outside my back door, romantically waiting for their next role in an illustrious whim of kitchen-oriented inspiration.

At ...