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Spring into Green!

Spring into Green!

Greens are becoming more and more popular lately, not only because they’re super nutritious, but because they’re super delicious too. Here are a few of my key ways to keep my favorite food group in constant rotation – and ensure that this spring is energizing, clean, healthy and green!

Dilled Kale Crisps

Whether you use an oven or a dehydrator, these are exceptionally flavorful. You can also enjoy this recipe as a delicious fresh kale salad by simply not drying out the kale at all.

Organic Cleansing

Around this time, a lot of us may be considering a dietary cleanse of sorts — you know, to kinda to kick our new, better, and noticeably more awesome selves into high gear. Rather than taking a regimented approach, I prefer utilizing a style of cleansing I call “organic cleansing.”

6 No-Waste Tips for Leafy Green Veggie Lovers

6 No-Waste Tips for Leafy Green Veggie Lovers

Get a little over-ambitious at the produce bin again? Use these simple tricks to extend the fridge life of your green treasure.

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