The Banana Smoothie Substitute You Need To Try

Of all the smoothie ingredients in the world, none is more pervasive than the banana. Sweet, creamy, flavorful, but not too flavorful, the banana is something of a ubiquitous enigma for blended drinks (fruity, green, nutty… even chocolate smoothies do well with a banana ...

Our sweet prayers answered: Yacon Root

The holidays are just setting in and I’m stoked. I have an amazing (amazing!) pumpkin pie recipe that I’ll be posting in the next few days, just in time for Thanksgiving. In it, I’m using a special healthy sweetener called


Double Chocolate Hazelnut Candies

I have to admit, as a natural food enthusiast, Halloween really puts me in quite a quandary. On one hand, I love the mild madness that ensues around this time of year. The costumes, the parties, the creativity, the (idea of) candyland-come-true ...