The greatness of eating green

I know. It’s not like you’ve never heard “eat your greens!” before. Yet every time I’m asked to list my favorite superfoods, I always start with the same, singular suggestion: GREEN FOODS (a mantra supported by just about any doctor, nutritionist, health expert, and in ...


How to Make Chia Gel

This recipe demonstrates chia’s incredible ability to absorb up to 9 times its weight in water. For a thicker or thinner gel, adjust the water accordingly.

Basic Chia Gel

4 tablespoons chia seeds

2 cups water

Mix together chia and water. Let ...


Buckwheat Graham Crackers

I sharply remember the battles of preschool naptime. All of us classmates, lying on the floor atop of big blue vinyl-coated foam mats in a small room darkened by curtains, coaxed into a daytime sleep. Was no one else aware there was ...