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Out with the cane, in with the palm sugar (with video)

When I need a sweet boost in recipes I’ll always turn to fruit or stevia first (whole natural foods = yay!), but when those foods simply can’t pull the weight, it’s palm sugar comes to the rescue. I teamed up with superfoods company Navitas Naturals a couple weeks ago — who offers organic palm sugar — and shot this fun Navitas-style video for their “Chef’s Notes” video series.

No Bake Brownies (with video)

Undercover health benefits like antioxidants, good omega fats, potassium, magnesium (and more) nutritionally rank this dessert as more of an energy bar than an “extra 20 minutes on the treadmill indulgence.” Best of all, five ingredients plus five minutes is all it takes to go from zero to brownie.

Organic Cleansing

Around this time, a lot of us may be considering a dietary cleanse of sorts — you know, to kinda to kick our new, better, and noticeably more awesome selves into high gear. Rather than taking a regimented approach, I prefer utilizing a style of cleansing I call “organic cleansing.”

Just Posted! New Super Foods With Jules Episode

Just Posted! New Super Foods With Jules Episode

I’ve been making this super cool jam recipe made from acai berries and chia seeds for a while now at home, and I wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is to make it yourself. You can view this episode along with my other videos under the Cooking Show section, HERE.

Acai Berry Jam | Super Foods With Jules

Bring on the antioxidants! In this episode, Julie Morris shares a delicious new way to make jam – made from superfoods like acai berries and chia seeds.

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