Oh Yes, It’s (Superfood) Taco Time

Some of my favorite meals of all time have been tacos. Tacos with smoked mushrooms; tacos with glazed tempeh; tacos with whatever’s in the fridge topped with guacamole (shhhh – sometimes those are the best). Tacos are like a sandwich with its ...

How to Seriously Elevate Your Hydration Game

There are certain mantras of a healthy lifestyle that are practically considered The Golden Rules Of Wellness. Rule number one: Eat more vegetables. Rule number two: Get enough sleep. Rule number three: Exercise often. And rule number four: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even ...


The Best “Summer Whites” You Can Eat

We’ve all heard that one of the best methods to enjoy a healthier diet is to eat the rainbow. But what about white foods? Do they have any benefit at all? Turns out it depends on what kind of white foods you’re ...


Summertime Zucchini Pasta

A big part of what is so wonderful about summertime is just the abundance of it all. Abundant warmth, abundant light, abundant time (at least it feels that way!), and of course, abundant food. Between all the garden parties and celebrations, or just the ...


How To Turn Popsicles Into Superfood Delights

When it’s the dog days of summer, there are few simple pleasures that beat a quick dash to the freezer for an icy, sweet popsicle. Many of us are rightfully wary of the colorful pops though: conventional popsicles often contain massive amounts ...


How to Make The Coolest Lemonade, Ever

Homemade lemonade: A summertime staple! If you’re a lemonade fan you are most definitely in luck, as not only is healthy, cleansing lemonade very easy to make, it can also be spruced up in all kinds of fashions to become more waaaaay ...


Veggie BBQ like you mean it

Barbecues are always a hot thing to do, but with the increasing amounts of celebration surrounding a vegetarian diet, the grill game’s a-changin’. Whether you’re a proud member of the plant-based parade or just have some veg-inclined people on the guest list, ...


Summertime Snacking

If a bag of unhealthy deep-fried corn chips are eaten in the forest, do they make a sound? (Yes. Sorry.)

To me, summer means camping – a great excuse to get out under the trees, run around barefoot, wear the ...


Indigo Granita

In this episode, antioxidant powerhouses blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a colorful, healthy, and refreshing frozen berry dessert.

Get printable recipe HERE.

The antioxidant powerhouses of blueberries and acai combine forces to produce a ...