Love Berries

Some things are like an instant smile machine. Take, for example, the shirtless man I saw yesterday by the beach: rocking out with a hula-hoop (while on rollerblades!) to a boombox blasting Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”. . . oh, and who also happened ...


Freshly Minted

I recently replanted my annual herb pot with an ambitious variety of green edibles. The future was bright: fresh, pungent, natural flavorings happily flourishing outside my back door, romantically waiting for their next role in an illustrious whim of kitchen-oriented inspiration.

At ...


Cheating With Chocolate

You know what I like? Chocolate. A lot. And you know what I think? I think chances are you probably like chocolate a lot too.

So now that we’re in agreement, do yourself a favor and try this ridiculously easy recipe for ...


Blame It On The Food

I’ve never considered myself an athlete. I mean, in high school I took “walking class,” and later landed the position of softball team “manager” (read: sit on a bench). But by all the irony in the universe, around the time I turned ...


What In The World Does The World Eat?

There’s something weirdly curious about peering into the diets of other people. As if finding out some deep, intimate secret, it seems as though we are physiologically predisposed to participating in a kind of dietary voyeurism.

The interest, actually, is everywhere. Like ...