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6 Superfood Breakfast Ideas For More Energy

Just by adding superfoods, you can create a day which begins on the right note in terms of healthy energy.

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Let’s face it: following a healthier diet is pretty notorious for sitting on almost every person’s resolution list… often year after year after year. While it’s understandable that making long-lasting changes can take time, some new habits are excitingly easy to put into practice, such as simply making a smarter breakfast choice. Just by adding superfoods, you can create a day which begins on the right note in terms of healthy energy. And fear not – your new choices will be far from boring, in fact quite the opposite! Though the possibilities are infinite, here are some of my personal favorite superfood combos – add them to your menu arsenal to amplify your better-eating habits, and net the great results!

Yogurt + Pomegranate + Blueberries + Flax | For an almost-instant breakfast, stir in a generous spoonful or two of pomegranate powder into some non-dairy yogurt, and top with a handful of fresh blueberries and a spoonful of flaxseeds. This breakfast supports anti-inflammation through high levels of antioxidants and omega fats, while the probiotics in the yogurt help your body assimilate all the nutrients efficiently.

Buckwheat + Hemp + Avocado + Fermented Vegetables | Superb for those following an elimination diet or cleanse, this savory warm breakfast can be created by topping cooked kasha (cracked buckwheat) with hemp seeds, avocado, and fermented vegetables like pickled carrots or kraut. Filled with protein, good fats, as well as dietary fiber, this probiotic-rich dish feels happily filling, while being very easy to digest at the same time. Find the delicious recipe here.

Oatmeal + Goji + Cacao Nibs + Walnuts | There are an infinite number of ways to spruce up a humble bowl of cooked oats, and dried superfoods are certainly one of them! Mix in a handful of dried goji berries at the end of cooking your oats, allowing the berries to plump up and slightly sweeten the oatmeal. Then, top with chopped walnuts and a spoonful of cacao nibs; you can also add a little coconut sugar and almond milk if desired. Anti-aging nutrients abound in this high-energy warming bowl.

Tofu + Kale + Turmeric + Tomato | For those who love a good scramble, consider using tofu for a heart-healthy rendition! In a little olive oil, sauté a bit of minced onion and garlic. Add some chopped tomato, then a generous amount of crumbled organic firm tofu, and season with salt and pepper. Sauté until most of the moisture is gone, then mix in a couple pinches of turmeric and a heaping handful of minced fresh kale. Cook until the kale is wilted and bright green, then remove from heat and season to taste. Packed with protein, this dish is exceptionally nutrient-dense.

Banana + Spinach + Maca + Almond | For a simple, energizing smoothie, try the classic superfood combo: blend a banana, a handful of spinach, a small spoonful of maca powder, and some almond milk. For a more protein-rich smoothie, you can add a little of your favorite vanilla or chocolate protein powder, too! Maca is one the world’s most revered energy foods, and has even been known to take the place of coffee for some people.

Chia + Coconut + Dates | If grab-and-go is more your breakfast style, chia pudding is right up your alley. Made from calcium-rich chia seeds, you can make a big batch of pudding on the weekend, and enjoy this nourishing recipe all week! Soaking chia seeds in non-dairy milk makes a textural pudding, that can be enhanced with all kinds of toppings and add-ins, such as dried coconut flakes and chopped dates. Learn how to make a coconut chia pudding here.








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  1. Piers R. Wander Reply

    What a great variety of easy-to-make and vibrantly healthy ways to start the day! I especially like the first suggestion and the last one. I have all the ingredients, so look forward to trying both of these recipes. I can only imagine how versatile the chia pudding could be. Dates, of course, are delicious, but think of all the possible dried fruits there are. The sky’s the limit!

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