What’s so great about lucuma?

From ice cream to baked goods … is there anything lucuma can’t enhance? Though lucuma isn’t a superfood that’s considered mainstream in North America (yet!), it’s actually been harvested and consumed


Strawberry Peach Crisp

The perfect combination of premium comfort and deep flavors, while being joyously rich in seasonal fruits.


Now Available: Superfood Snacks!

It brings me such deep joy to be able to finally share many of the recipes that changed my own life, and can absolutely enhance yours too.


Spring Quinoa Bowl

Celebrate springtime’s fresh flavors with this light and bright entrée.


Cauliflower Rice

Mastering the simple art of making fluffy cauliflower "rice" is a game-changing way to increase your daily veggie consumption.


Chocolate-Acai Bowl

When it comes to eating, for whatever reason, some people gravitate more toward forks, and some people lean more towards spoons. Quite early on in life, I discovered I was a “spoon person.


Superfood Dressings Your Salad Deserves

Hooray, you just made a beautiful salad with fresh, seasonal produce. Well played. Now, don’t water down your efforts with some blah bottled dressing.


Cookies with Benefits

Just because it’s a cookie, doesn’t mean it needs to belong on guilt-trip lane. Trust me, oatmeal cookie lovers will be swooning over this healthified, uber-flavorful version.