Lentil-Beet Burgers

Rich in umami and earthy flavor, these protein-laden burgers made from plant-based superfoods can be made on either the skillet or a grill.


Triple Chocolate Cookies

These powerfully-chocolate superfood treats are enriched with real cacao, a delightfully caramel-like hint of maca, and smart sweeteners.


Cherry-Almond Barley Porridge

Warm, soft, and with a little bit of chew, this slightly sweet and milky porridge is likely to become a new favorite.


Pint-size Pies

Great to serve at parties or just as a special treat, these mason-jar “pies” can be made a day ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


Spicy Greens Juice

How much spice do you like? In this juice recipe, you can adjust the heat level from mild to ambitiously spicy.


What’s so great about lucuma?

From ice cream to baked goods … is there anything lucuma can’t enhance? Though lucuma isn’t a superfood that’s considered mainstream in North America (yet!), it’s actually been harvested and consumed