What’s so great about lucuma?

From ice cream to baked goods … is there anything lucuma can’t enhance?

Though lucuma isn’t a superfood that’s considered mainstream in North America (yet!), it’s actually been harvested and consumed for thousands of years in South America. This ultra-nutritious ...


Spring Quinoa Bowl

Everyone always talks about the urge they feel for “spring cleaning.” I wish I could say that was true in my case. But while I may lack in window-washing or cobweb-sweeping skills, I proudly admit that I excel in gardening. I’m one ...


Springtime Health Helpers

Ugh, nothing brings down the springtime spirit like a cold or seasonal allergies. But never fear: by consuming superfoods that boost the immune system and relieve inflammation, you can easily keep your wellness at its peak. Additionally, because all these superfoods are real foods ...


BBQ-Hemp Kale Crisps

All the flavor of prime barbecue feast in a superfood-packed form. 

Makes 2 servings

1 large bunch curly kale
¼ cup your favorite barbeque sauce
1 tablespoon olive oil
3 tablespoons


Cherishing chocolate: 6 incredible benefits of cacao

With it being Valentine’s Day and all, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of chocolate in the air. But don’t let all that indulgent deliciousness fool you: chocolate is, in fact, a superfood.

Of course,  not all chocolate is created equal. ...


A Pure & Simple Holiday

Simplicity seems like a luxury these days. Our busy lives too often distract us from simple pleasures: like sitting down with the family by the fire after dinner; like celebrating the event of uprooting the biggest home-grown carrot of the year; like ...

Natural Products Expo East – Baltimore Style

Whenever I’m chatting with someone new and say “I’m in the natural foods industry,” I usually receive that kind of vacant nodding response followed by an ambiguous “Ohhhh.” It’s the same response that I, in turn, likely offer when someone tells ...


Beauty Secrets of Superfoods

The new best friends of beauty don’t come from a tube (or a pill, or an infomercial, or the, er, “special doctor”). The beauty boost you’ve been looking for comes straight from the kitchen! A radiant exterior starts with a well-nourished body, ...


Spring into Green!

I seriously can’t believe spring is already here – it seems like just yesterday I was dusting off my pumpkin knife and looking for any and all excuses to put the oven to some loving use. But the flower buds outside have ...


Is agave syrup good, bad, or just kinda tasty?

Light your torches, there’s a new witch hunt in the grocery store. The target? Agave syrup. After hitting the mainstream several years ago as the new “healthy sweetener of choice,” agave recently has been under fire with negative backlash all across the ...