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As a superfood chef, I’m often asked what my daily food intake looks like. It makes sense there’d be a curiosity: as someone who lives and breathes superfoods professionally-speaking, one might assume I consume nothing but superfoods 24/7. While I love superfoods (obviously), I’m also a huge foodie in general: I’m all about attending to cravings via big-flavor and truthfully usually have food on my mind. So for me, I try and really listen to the kinds of foods my body is craving, and combine that with the song my taste buds are singing. I do this through keeping in mind the kind of eating ideology superfoods stand for: choosing food with nutrient-density in mind. More anything else, this is my policy as to what makes it onto the plate.

Breakfast | My morning eating routine is usually based around an early workout, including a small, easy-to-digest snack beforehand like a couple of dates or a half-piece of sprouted toast with coconut oil (or admittedly sometimes a piece of dark chocolate), and then a big (GIANT) superfood smoothie afterwards. This smoothie changes daily based on my workout and my mood, but almost always includes plant-based protein, gelatinized maca powder, spirulina powder, wheatgrass powder, and camu powder to help with recovery and energy.

Lunch | I rarely take an actual lunch, but instead snack away the large majority of the day. This serves two purposes: it allows me to keep my energy high (never hungry, never full), and also gives me lots of room to work on recipes in the kitchen during the day (as a recipe developer, I’m taste-testing A LOT… and sometimes get carried away when a recipe’s particularly delicious). Besides what I’m making in the kitchen. I usually have a couple of pieces of fruit, lots of nuts and seeds (I’m hooked on these Goji Basil Cashews – my current favorite!!), energy bars or bites, avocado or hummus toast (made with sprouted bread), and almost always a superfood juice (often green) in the afternoon. I snack a ton.

Dinner | Dinner is my biggest meal of the day … or I suppose my only “official” meal, where I actually sit down to a plate. This rotates too, but is always at least partially a big salad that’s heaped with dark leafy greens, sprouts, fermented vegetables, avocado, any seasonal vegetables I’m in the mood for, seeds like pumpkin or hemp seeds, and some kind of plant-based protein like tempeh or black beans. Often I’ll combine this with cooked grains to make a savory bowl, accompany it with a mug of soup, or have the salad be the side dish alongside a heartier dinner like plant-based burgers, tacos, wraps, etc. Usually, there’s a glass of wine involved, too.

Dessert (?) | My sweet tooth for some reason gets more savory as the day goes on, so I don’t care for dessert very often, but sometimes I like to snack on organic popcorn, have a little superfood raw chocolate (I make my own with cacao, goji’s and other accouterments) or truffles, or in the warmer months, I love a scoop of homemade ice cream made from bananas and/or cashews. Occasionally, I’ll have a little nightcap superfood smoothie.

Overall, I keep my diet as whole-food-oriented as possible, plant-based, and definitely superfood-infused… everything else is up to how I feel. If it sounds like a relaxed approach, it is! And for me, it works totally great.

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  1. im a certified personal trainer and health and fitness is a big part or my life ! But as I’m getting older I’m turning more to a plant based diet ! The only thing is I would love to learn more ideas and food suggestions get get lost on what to have I don’t wNt to live on just beans lol. I train hardcore so I need a lot of protein in my diet ! Can u please help and give some suggestions thank u so much

  2. I’m curious about your breakfast smoothie, you use plant-based protein, gelatinized maca powder, spirulina powder, wheatgrass powder, and camu powder all in one smoothie? Wondering if you have the recipe for this? Thank you!

  3. How do you know you are getting enough calcium in your daily diet, that is my main concern and also curious what plant based protein you use in your morning smoothie.

    • Important question, Leanne! At this point I’m so familiar with the basic nutrient qualities of the whole foods I eat, that I feel very confident in my calcium intake. SO many superfoods and plants are truly abundant in the mineral, such as chia seeds and greens. I have a post on this subject that I’ll be putting up very soon. You can also track your micronutrients using free programs like FitDay. My protein powder varies by the day depending on my workout and mood, but right now I’m using Amazing Grass, Vega, or Bob’s Red Mill (they have an unflavored powder that is great for savory smoothies).

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