Now Available: Superfood Snacks!

It brings me such deep joy to be able to finally share many of the recipes that changed my own life, and can absolutely enhance yours too.

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IT’S FINALLY HERE: Superfood Snacks: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-Dense Recipes! This day has been a long time coming, and I’m simply bursting with joy to share that my new cookbook is finally on bookstore shelves nationwide as of TODAY! (Barnes & Noble, your local bookstore, Amazon… etc!)

A million years ago, I went to art school – Pasadena Art Center if you’re curious. We had the most insane, long hours there … I mean, it was seriously such a boot camp (and I’ve actually been to boot camp, so I know … but we’ll save that story for another time). I worked ’round the clock, often pulling all-nighters, and pretty much lived and breathed art and design. Yet, in the little spare time I had, I found myself, more often than not, tucked away in the kitchen of all places. I was enchanted by making strange little recipes out of strange little ingredients, trying to figure out what to do with some of the new “superfoods” I had sourced. If you’ve read my story, then you may remember that I had some serious problems with chronic fatigue syndrome during this time — or at least many of the symptoms of it, ranging from extreme tiredness to horrible (and random) food allergies. Superfoods were my hopeful ticket out of my health mess, and the kitchen adventures that began during this time were my first experiments in creating foods that were easy, delicious, healthy, and energizing.

Though there was a umbrella of purpose and healing around this side activity, the truth was, I genuinely enjoyed it. I found that unlike the hustle and bustle of my other demanding creative pursuits, I really loved working with food, often thinking to myself, “if only I could do THIS as a career.” Less than a year shy of graduating, I realized it was these very background projects that were my true passion. With the faux “it will all work out” confidence that you only have in your early 20’s, I took an uncharacteristically chance-y plunge into pursing natural food full time.

Nothing was overnight. Nothing was easy. In fact in the beginning, nothing I was making was even all that delicious. But you know that saying “when you know, you know”? That’s how I felt about working with healthy foods. Needless to say, I kept working at it. And with my fourth cookbook Superfood Snacks coming out today, I think I can say things turned out pretty okay. 🙂

What makes this cookbook such a special one for me to release is that in many ways, it is exploring the same kinds of recipes that really kicked off my own adventure in superfoods in the first place. In fact, you’ll even find my “Kitchen Sink Energy Balls” recipe inside,  which is a (vastly improved), highly-flexible version of some of the very first snacks I ever made back in my teeny  kitchen so long ago (and the first recipe ever that made me realize just how powerful superfoods were in energizing and healing). I get it: snacks are often the hardest part of our diet. We seem to understand the concept of a healthy breakfast, a wholesome lunch, and even a better choice for dessert. But outside of celery sticks or a piece of fruit, healthy snacks can be a bit of an anomaly at times! It brings me such deep joy to be able to finally share many of the recipes that changed my own life, and can absolutely enhance yours too. That’s the power of superfood snacks! Here’s some of what you’ll find inside the book:

  • Conquering Cravings: Though this book teaches healthy practices, there is not an ounce of “denial” or dieting within. In fact, you’ll likely notice that a big portion of the book is really dedicated to supporting cravings. If this book teaches you one thing, it’s how to listen to, and properly respond to your cravings … which are a request from the body! The better we appease these requests, the better we will feel.
  • Superfood Ingredients: Like the other books from the superfood series, this book is structured to teach you how to use all kinds of best-of-the-best healthy ingredients on a more regular, delicious basis. You will find detailed information about all the superfood ingredients inside: what they are, why they’re great, and how to use them. There are also a couple pages dedicated to easy sourcing.
  • 100+ Recipes: Rooted again in the idea of cravings, you’ll be able to search for recipes based on what you’re feeling like: Handfuls, Spoonables, Crackers & Crisps, Spreads & Dips, Energy Bars & Bites, Candies & Chocolates, Cookies & Pastries, Frozen Treats, and even Kid Snacks! And fear not, these are not “celery + peanut butter = snack” types of recipes. Instead, you’ll find easy yet wildly exciting recipe riffs like Pizza Kale Crisps, Goji Walnut Hummus, Mango Chia Pudding, Maqui Mint Truffles, Apricot Quinoa Squares, Hemp Seed Cheese, and Chef’s Choice Granola Bars… to name a few. You can also search for recipes by their healthy rewards, marked with an icon atop of each recipe, including: Beauty and Anti-Aging, Bone Strength, Heart Health, Immunity, Low Calorie, and Protein.

At the end of the day, Superfood Snacks really is all about you. It’s highly customizable, and designed to fit within your healthy lifestyle. (If you’d like to leave a positive review on Amazon to help inspire and grow our superfood community even more, well, that would be much appreciated! It’s profoundly impactful.) So, with the utmost excitement: … I really hope you love the new book!!!  xo ~ Julie


13 Responses to “Now Available: Superfood Snacks!”

  1. Wow, this book looks like it’s going to be really great. Congrats! I have your first book and the recipes are always a hit. Can’t wait to check this one out!

  2. I can’t wait to get a copy!!! I am sooo excited right now! 🙂

  3. Mary Ann Reply

    This latest new cookbook is awesome! I have all your cookbooks and I think they are all great! Even my family enjoys the recipes, so THANK YOU! You have quite the gift Julie so thanks for sharing your gifts to the world! Congratulations!

  4. Dakota Reply

    I just got this book and the first thing I made was the Maca Cashew Butter….I remember those days when I could eat like a whole jar of cookie butter…or nutella…until I decided to change my lifestyle to a more healthy and lively one…but, upon making this cashew butter, I think I’ve relapsed. I’m pretty sure I ate this entire jar in two days…by myself…I’ve already made a second batch and really need to be careful this time because this could get dangerous! In other words, I love this book and thank you for being a GENIUS!

    • Haha ~ I can relate! So happy you’re having a healthy “relapse.” 🙂 Thanks for the kind note!

  5. Scrappy Reply

    I bought this book yesterday at Bookshop Santa Cruz then thumbed through it last night. I am sooooo excited to begin these recipes. Thanks for making them so simple and easy to follow. My mouth is watering thinking about the PB Ginger Chews, Truffles, and Watermelon Pizza!

  6. Rick Mansfield Reply

    Julie, I got your book at the American Library Association conference in San Francisco earlier this year and got to watch you prepare your superfood energy balls live! I’m visiting family and don’t have your book with me, but I wanted to make the same energy balls you made during your demonstration at the conference. If it’s an easy thing to do, could you possibly email me the recipe? If that’s too much to ask, I certainly understand and will have to remember to bring the book next time. Thanks.

    • Hi Rick! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! Unfortunately we are unable to email published book recipes at this time. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  7. Susan Benson Reply

    I love this book. I always wanted to make crackers but never got around to it. I am so glad I waited for your recipe Chia Thins. I just finished making my 3rd batch, I am ADDICTED to these super food crackers! Thank you so much!

  8. Hi! Just bought this book and I’m rounding up all the ingredients! Everything looks so good; I don’t know where to start!! I was curious if there is a substitute for frozen bananas in some of the treats? Thanks, Alexis

  9. Michelle Reply

    Hi. We are a nut free family due to allergies. I would like to know what % of recipes have nuts in them. Thanks

  10. Hi, I got your book twice. One will be a chrismas present for my brother. He is the kitchen expert out of us two. But I am working on my skills, since I rally want my children to grow up knowing lots of healthy foods. I love your basic recepis.
    But I have a small problem with the granola bars ^^ It is too sweet for my taste due to the sirup. I tried leaving it, but then the whole batch crumbled. Not that my familie complained, when I gave them a bowl and a spoon… Do you have an idea how to replace the sirup with a non sweetener ?
    Thank you for your time andpassion

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