Homemade Truffles For A Superfood Holiday

These truffles are truly a tradition in my house. Like a combination between a chocolate bar, fudge, and a cookie, each high-flavored bite is filled with antioxidants, minerals, and are only sweetened with fruit! Each year I enjoy making them in a different ...


Meet The Chocolate Waffles Good Days Are Made Of

What quantifies a great start to a morning? Maybe it’s waking up fully rested, having a quiet moment to meditate, or simply hearing your favorite bird sing outside just as you open your eyes. Most of us would also tack on that a ...


This chocolate cake has some crazy secrets

I have a confession to make. I’m really not much of a baker. As someone who is a serial offender of trying to “break the rules” when it comes to making recipes, baking is far too strict for me, and my brave ...


5 Stress-Busting Superfoods

We’ve all been there: it’s a stressful day, and suddenly reaching for a bag of chips or a plate of cookies becomes borderline primal. Although comfort foods might give us an instant feeling of satisfaction, nutrient-dense foods have the ability to fight ...


Triple Chocolate Cookies

The question: In a time where dads have pretty much everything (or, simply claim not to want anything), what’s a loving daughter or son to do for father’s day gifting? My dad has never been a necktie kinda guy, nor has he once ...


Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

It’s exciting to experience how quickly cacao can elevate a “normal” dessert into something truly special – from it’s deep chocolate flavor, to it’s incomparable health benefits. As the raw source of all chocolate, cacao goes tremendously well with creamy ingredients like blended ...


Superfood Chocolate Hearts

Oh it’s chocolate season alright. At first, you just see just a few of those pretty pink packages popping up in stores … stuffed with gold foil-wrapped confections that make even the most mundane market feel just a little more special. Then, before ...


Halloween Treats! Superfood Monster Heads

I had the pleasure of joining the founder of Beaming, Lisa Odenweller, and Brad Wills on Fox 5 San Diego last week to talk about ways to “Trick Out Your Halloween Treats” … via, you guessed it, SUPERFOODS!


Maple-Maca Ice Cream

Once upon a time, I had a full-blown ice cream addiction, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. It was ritualistic summer days of pint-sized fun, the inevitable “just a little something sweet after dinner,” and a laughable accruement of cookie-dough bites and ...