Make Your Coziest Recipes More Nutritious (+GIVEAWAY!)

Celebrate your healthy efforts with this fabulous Amazing Grass giveaway!

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I’ve always preferred the colder times of the year. The ciders, the soups, the baked pastries… Okay, let me rephrase here: I’ve always preferred the food of the colder times of the year. (The freezing temps and short days I can definitely do without.) But while the holidays can be a healthy intentions black hole, what I’ve discovered is that with a few specific superfood tricks up your sleeve, you can easily keep on your healthy track. Here are some of my most utilized methods on enjoying cozy comfort food … the superfood way.

  1. Fold in seeds. Seeds: The tiny embryo of plants which house all the nutrition needed to bear a full-grown plant. It’s easy to understand why seeds are such a powerhouse of health for the human body! Adding seeds to recipes helps to up the nutrition density of your meals, while also curbing cravings due to their high content of protein, minerals, and good fats. Using them is as simple as folding pumpkin seeds into a sweet bread, adding hemp seeds to starchy mains, or sprinkling a teaspoon of chia seeds on top of absolutely anything.
  2. Rethink your starches. Between the pastas, breads, cookies, baked dishes and more, the holidays have a huge amount of starchy foods going on. Making them a substantially healthier is as easy as using whole foods and superfoods in the place of refined flours and processed products. Nix the white flour, white rice, and white pasta (that’s not what they meant about a “white Christmas” anyway), and use whole grain and pseudo-grain varieties instead. My favorite superfood tip is to  replace pasta with starchy high-protien super-grains like farro/spelt, quinoa, and sorghum, served with the traditional sauce. So good!
  3. Go for the green. Green foods are able to both deeply nourish AND detoxify your body at the same time, making them arguably the most important food to regularly enjoy within the context of our modern diet. Believe it or not, comfort food genuinely embraces this class of superfoods: you can add in chopped fresh greens into casseroles, rich sauces, and all kinds of sautéed sides. But for an even more no-excuse, extra-simple method, I can’t stress it enough: utilize the power of powdered greens. I always have a stash of powdered greens in my cabinet which I scoop into superfood lattes, add into baked recipes, stir into dips, and whisk into warm broths and soups. I’m convinced you can add greens in this manner to just about anything – how invaluable is that?!

You can put these tips instantly to practice in my recipe for Minestrone with Farro & Chia Pesto, a recipe straight from the pages of Superfood Soups! And to celebrate your healthy efforts, I’ve partnered with my friends at Amazing Grass for a fabulous superfood giveaway:

The Prize: WIN a bottle Amazing Grass Raw Reserve, Green Superfood Trio, and Detox & Digest! (Almost a $100 value!)

To Enter: Answer the following question by adding a comment to the bottom of this post to be entered: Big or small, what is one way you make your holiday recipes more healthy? You can get one additional entry by tweeting* the following: Win a collection of incredible @AmazingGrass products from #SuperfoodSoups author @greenjules! 

*(Be sure to leave a separate comment on this post with a link to your tweet.)

The Rules: Contest ends Dec 11, 2016 at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be selected at random and contacted the next day. Contest open to North American residents only.

Good Luck!




68 Responses to “Make Your Coziest Recipes More Nutritious (+GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. MaryRose Thaler Reply

    One way I love to make my holiday recipes more healthy is by using raw cacao from and cacao nibs from Navitas Naturals. Also…when I have a festive gathering, I rely on the delicious recipes from Superfood Snacks to share with others!

  2. I love to make holiday recipes more healthy by using any many raw, unprocessed and whole foods as possible.

  3. Donna F. Reply

    I try to add hemp or flax seeds to just about everything. They work in everything from breakfast foods to entrees to desserts!

  4. Thanks for hosting this! I’ve started trying to fill gaps in the family spread, instead of making a traditional dish. For example, I made superfood fruit salad for Thanksgiving when I noticed their wasn’t any fruit. I also leave the skins on root veggies.

  5. Kelly Beam Reply

    I LOVE adding in a little apple cider vinegar when I can sneak it in. Also, I try to cut the sugar and replace with natural sugars like berries or other items to avoid processed sugar.

  6. I make all my healthy baked goods with rolled oats and coconut flour instead of refined grains or grain-based flours. This is so much healthier and lowers the glycemic index. And I always add in superfoods for some extra nutrition. Amazing Grass Cacao Superfood, cacao powder, acai, goji, flax, spirulina, and chia are some of my favorites! 🙂

  7. By roasting instead of frying, adding a little less fat and a little more lemon and using smaller portions when engaging in indulgent foods (or behaviors!)

  8. Yum! I try to use healthy swaps (applesauce, yogurt, etc) for oil and butter.

  9. Kerim Yakar Reply

    I make my holidays more healthy by incorporating Navitas Naturals Goji, Golden amd Mulberries in breakfast muffins with little smoothie shooters that have amzing grass tangerine dream and Macqui berry powder blended in

  10. Van Fleisher Reply

    I’m on a quinoa and kale kick. Using kale instead of rice and pasta and kale in as many things as I can.

  11. For holiday chocolate sweet treats, I use high protein nuts and raw cacao powder and cacao butter superfoods, and alternative sweets like dates or coconut nectar.

  12. Ashley Mauceri Reply

    I love making soups around the holidays and throwing lots of veggies in! Warm, comforting and healthy. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I use vegetables grown in my own garden. We use no chemicals or pesticides, only working some kelp powder to the soil, and move our garden every year to help avoid soil nutrient depletion.

  14. Monica Galaviz Reply

    I will make holiday meals more nutritious by incorporating nuts and herbs in my recipes. Nuts add a nice crunch/texture to most dishes and the herbs are fragrant and offer an array of health benefits.

  15. Pauline Hamacher Reply

    I use frozen cauliflower in place of all or some of the frozen banana in smoothie bowls. They are extra creamy and filled with more veggies!!

  16. I swap out the sugar with dates or maple syrup. Make all my crusts with nuts and dates as well. Swap cheesy casseroles with whole veggies and roasted veggies.

  17. Elizabeth W Reply

    I add a mix of bee pollen, chia, flax and hemp seeds to my smoothies. I keep in a jar in the fridge!

  18. Add veggies! I love adding zucchini or spinach to blended soups since they’re so mild in flavor and it’s a great way to trick fussy eaters! I love Amazing Grass Products!

  19. Andrea Lanthrum Reply

    I scrub my veggies before peeling. I store the vegetable peels, onion skins, mushroom stalks and what is left of anything after spiralizing in the freezer, and when I have enough – I make a broth, adding spices. It is not my idea – I learned it from Thug Kitchen 🙂

  20. My current favorite superfood daily boost is a superfood trio of three Navitas Naturals powders – always Maca and CamuCamu, with a rotation of Maqui, Acai or Pomegranate Powder – complemented by Amazing Grass Wheatgrass Powder, deliciously mixed with Apple Cider and frozen berries. Sweetened with a little Stevia and blended up, and I have a perfect healthy start to my day.

  21. I’ve recently been using puréed blended cauliflower for my vegan “cream” and “cheese” sauces with herbs and seasonings and it’s great tasting as well as healthy!!

  22. The one way I make my Holiday recipes more healthy is by using as many superfoods in my recipes as I can. I have 3 different superfood recipe books that I use on a regular basis and am always looking for new, easy, superfood recipes to make.

  23. I like to use less sugar and include healthful spices like cinnamon to enhance the flavor.

  24. Shawndra Befort Reply

    I use less sugar and salt when I can. I also try to sneak in fruits and/or vegetables.

  25. Add canned pumpkin to make recipes more moist and use coconut oil instead of butter and honey or molasses to replace sugar. 🙂

  26. I try to make Paleo versions of sweet treats. I find they keep me full, and reduce my cravings.

  27. Lorraine F Reply

    As far as baked goods, I always try to use organic ingredients whenever possible. That is pretty much the number one way I try to make them more healthy. When it comes to cooking, I try to stick to healthy meals to begin with, and also use organic ingredients.

  28. ** Avoiding processed foods, eating superfoods / grasses, and making joyous memories w/ friends / family / new people. Happy holidays!

  29. i stopped smoking 3 weeks ago after smoking for 41 years i made my mind up that i was not gonna let something like smoking have that kind of power over me and i quit like a boss 2017 is gonna be my year for a new healthy me im not just thinking about it im making it happen for me! i reward myself with a smoothie made with protein powder, green juice, frozen bananas, i like to use nector as my juice its awesome!!!

  30. I make holiday recipes more healthy by adding lots of fresh produce to my recipes.

  31. Anne Perry Reply

    I make holiday’s healthy by avoiding all gmo’s & serving organic foods.

  32. Jordan Dunne Reply

    I use stevia in some of my baked goods and usually substitute pumpkin puree or applesauce or greek yogurt in place of higher fat ingredients. And I always bring veggies for a side dish!

  33. I use real butter, unbleached flour, farm fresh eggs and real sugar in my recipes.

  34. Sandy Mailloux Reply

    I try to make sure I have a green smoothie EVERY day to up my veggie intake and keep my body running smoothly 😉

  35. I use unmodified fats (rendered from meat, coconut oil, etc.) when cooking and baking to make all the rich holiday recipes a little more nourishing

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