How to take avocados to the next (superfood) level

Obsessed. That’s usually what follows “avocados” in the “say the first word that comes to mind” game. And I hear you: avocados are pretty awesome. They’re also having a moment. In a time where the idea of fat has finally moved beyond being ...


5 amazing superfood chocolates

One thing I particularly appreciate about this season is getting asked quite a bit about a subject that’s rather dear to my heart: chocolate. And, jumping on the excuse, I always end up making a few new chocolate candy recipes, clearly inspired ...


How to Make Chia Gel

This recipe demonstrates chia’s incredible ability to absorb up to 9 times its weight in water. For a thicker or thinner gel, adjust the water accordingly.

Basic Chia Gel

4 tablespoons chia seeds

2 cups water

Mix together chia and water. Let ...

Chef’s Notes: Goji Berries

Between fancy food tricks alongside the seemingly neverending wave of annoying diet fads (that are sure to have your mother worried), it’s only natural that our skeptic wall to powerful “new” foods has become pretty thick.

I follow the rules of ...