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5 amazing superfood candy recipes

5 amazing superfood candy recipes

An EPIC chocolate recipe collection of the most popular recipes by superfood-savvy chefs.

Superfood Kitchen debuts 11/6!

Superfood Kitchen debuts 11/6!

These are exciting times, my foodie friends In just a few days, my new cookbook, SUPERFOOD KITCHEN: Cooking with Nature’s Most Amazing Foods, will be released!

How to Make Chia Gel

This recipe demonstrates chia’s incredible ability to absorb up to 9 times its weight in water.

New cookbook offers the definitive guide to cooking with superfoods

New cookbook offers the definitive guide to cooking with superfoods

Superfood Cuisine: Cooking With Nature’s Most Amazing Foods by Julie Morris will be available late spring 2011, offering over 100 superfood recipes and an inspiring guide to a nutrient-dense lifestyle.

Chef’s Notes: Goji Berries

Recently, I shot a few informational videos for Navitas Naturals to talk about the benefits of a few of their superfood products. The videos turned out pretty fun, and are a great 101 on how to use these “new” foods. Here’s one on goji berries.

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