5 Ways to Eat Clean for Spring

The temperature is rising and if you’re like me, closets are getting rearranged, flowers are getting planted, and my day of office revamping has made it finally look like a normal, organized human being works there. For once.

Of course, part of ...


Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Bright and tropical, the base of this visually show-stopping bowl goes with almost any type of fruit, but some particularly excellent pairings include pineapple, fresh berries, goji’s.

Makes 1 bowl/serving

5 large pieces


Superhero Nutrient: Fiber

If you’re looking for more fiber, you’re in good company! Many of us are seeking additional fiber in our diet, for a variety of reasons. Not only does dietary fiber help the body feel full and maintain a healthy weight, it ...


Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

It’s exciting to experience how quickly cacao can elevate a “normal” dessert into something truly special – from it’s deep chocolate flavor, to it’s incomparable health benefits. As the raw source of all chocolate, cacao goes tremendously well with creamy ingredients like blended ...


Superfood Chocolate Hearts

Oh it’s chocolate season alright. At first, you just see just a few of those pretty pink packages popping up in stores … stuffed with gold foil-wrapped confections that make even the most mundane market feel just a little more special. Then, before ...


Tex-Mex Omega Sliders

Why make a slider out of seeds? The reasons are quite motivating: easily digestible, plant-based protein abounds in seeds, which are also exceptional sources of important minerals like calcium and iron. Your body will also thank you for the essential omega fats (found ...


Tofu Rice-Paper Rolls

If you’re making these rolls ahead of time, skip dressing the vegetables prior to rolling and instead serve the sauce on the side for dipping.

Makes 8 rolls

For the rolls:

½ cup Navitas Naturals Yacon Slices

8 ounces organic very firm ...


Tempeh Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa

An epic way to get more greens into your life is to use the inherently crispy, clean tasting large leaves of lettuces or dark leafy greens as a kind of wrap for delicious fillings. Reduce the overall calories, add in additional ...


How To Turn A Resolution into a Lifestyle

New Years’ Resolutions can get a pretty bad rap, especially in the health and diet spectrum, often associated with abrupt (and notoriously temporary) lifestyle changes. Oh how quickly a euphoric January 1st can become a guilt-ridden January 3rd! It’s not that there’s ...


5 Incredible Immunity Boosters

Most of us have heard that old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine.” I believe the same applies to wellness. The more tools we have in our daily arsenal of immune system defense, the less likely we’ll be taken down by ...