The Best “Summer Whites” You Can Eat

We’ve all heard that one of the best methods to enjoy a healthier diet is to eat the rainbow. But what about white foods? Do they have any benefit at all? Turns out it depends on what kind of white foods you’re ...

4 Ways To Give Your Baking A Makeover

Just because you’re looking to follow a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to sit out on all the fresh-baked fun! There are many tricks that natural food chefs and nutritionists alike use to help raise nutrient density, therefore lessening the guilt. While ...


This chocolate cake has some crazy secrets

I have a confession to make. I’m really not much of a baker. As someone who is a serial offender of trying to “break the rules” when it comes to making recipes, baking is far too strict for me, and my brave ...


In The Name of Love: An Easy Romantic Superfood Menu

Whether you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, having a romantic menu you can prepare on demand is never a bad idea! In my opinion, there are two things that are the most important when putting this type of menu together. ...


Add this to your hummus, immedietly

Hummus has about as many incarnations as blue jeans … and just like jeans, there’s always room for a little refresh/something new. Enter in fabulous hummus variation, number 19,861: harissa.

If you’re already versed in the world of harissa, I probably have to convince you ...


How to create superfood snacks

There’s so many ways to truly enjoy a healthy diet, and many of us find it encouragingly easy to incorporate smart breakfasts, smoothies, juices, and nutrient-dense meals. It’s snacks, believe it or not, that are often our biggest downfall – I hear ...


Chocolate-Acai Bowl

When it comes to eating, for whatever reason, some people gravitate more toward forks, and some people lean more towards spoons. Quite early on in life, I discovered I was a “spoon person.” Forks are just too delicate for me – I like ...


Halloween Treats! Superfood Monster Heads

I had the pleasure of joining the founder of Beaming, Lisa Odenweller, and Brad Wills on Fox 5 San Diego last week to talk about ways to “Trick Out Your Halloween Treats” … via, you guessed it, SUPERFOODS!