Perfectly Tender Veggie Burgers For Any Protein Lover

After many weeks of dust and debris, our new kitchen is finally finished – new post on this epic transformation to come! In the meantime, I have been absolutely over the moon while getting to work in the brand new space.

Aside ...


A Magical Minestrone with Farro & Chia Pesto

There’s some foods I will pretty much never say no to. Avocado toast is obviously one, oven-baked sweet potato fries is another, and minestrone soup is a solid third. Whenever I see a vegetable-based minestrone on the menu at a restaurant, I ...


The seed you need to be eating

Forgive me for being so blunt, but if you’re not already stocking a solid supply of hemp seed in your kitchen pantry, it’s time to make the upgrade… now. (I’ll wait while you run to the store.) Hemp is one of the most ...


Strawberry Milkshake

Well, summer certainly came in with a bang. It’s been crazy hot around here — several days over 100 degrees  (gross, I know) — which means smoothies and juices have been quickly ushered into the spot of “primary food group” this past week. Right now ...


The New Fast Food: Wraps

Let’s talk life for a minute. The word “busy” has become one of the top five things people say when you innocently ask them “how are you doing?” (I’ve personally banned myself from responding with it, because I’ve decided I don’t like the ongoing ...


This chocolate cake has some crazy secrets

I have a confession to make. I’m really not much of a baker. As someone who is a serial offender of trying to “break the rules” when it comes to making recipes, baking is far too strict for me, and my brave ...


Annual Tradition: Holiday Truffles

As I write this, I am snuggled up in an arm chair at my dad’s house, my comfiest sweatpants tucked into overly fluffy socks, while the scent of this morning’s waffles still lingers in the air. Looking out the window at the ...


Cauliflower Rice

Whether you’re going grain-free, looking for a tasty way to reduce calories and amp up nutrition, or simply obsessed with cauliflower like me, mastering the simple art of making fluffy cauliflower “rice” is a game-changing way to increase your daily veggie consumption. ...


Halloween Treats! Superfood Monster Heads

I had the pleasure of joining the founder of Beaming, Lisa Odenweller, and Brad Wills on Fox 5 San Diego last week to talk about ways to “Trick Out Your Halloween Treats” … via, you guessed it, SUPERFOODS!